Best AI Inventions

Artificial Intelligence has created a buzz in the technology industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made human life simpler to a great extent as the now the computer programs have the ability to think and react the way humans would. Wanting to know about the Best artificial inventions till date? Take a look below;

Virtual Agents

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Virtual Agents are the programs that has ability to interact with the humans.


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Through Biometrics, you can recognize, measure and study the human behavior.

Emotion Recognition

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The technology permits the software to understand the human emotions through its advanced audio and image processors.

Marketing Automation

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It enables the companies to increase the efficiency which would further grow revenue rapidly.

Peer to Peer networks

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2 or more PC’s when connected can share resources without the data going via server computer through this technology.

Cyber Defense

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It safeguards the information through its computer network defense mechanism as it enables in prevention and detections of threats.

Machine Learning

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Through Machine Learning, computers also can now learn with the help of advanced techniques.

Speech Recognition

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Speech recognition can identify the spoken words and can convert them into texts.


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Compliance gives confirmation that the individual or the organization meets the required rules and regulations.

Content Creation

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Content creation is used to generate content to the audiences in the marketing funnel.

Artificial Intelligence has helped to reduce the work load of humans on a larger scale. Hope you enjoyed reading about the best artificial intelligence inventions. Thank you for reading.

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