G Shock

As the name suggests, G shock has been one of the most powerful and most energetic watches produced so far. With its shockproof and waterproof characteristics, this gadget has been proved the best one so far launched by Casio. The brand always wished to bring a shockproof watch into this world and then came “G Shock”. There has been continuous advancement taking place in the world of G shock. So far many styles have been introduced which have become the style statement for many.

The spirit that is conveyed by G Shock is toughness and the never giving up attitude. Also the marketing strategies used to promote this gadget were absolutely inspiring and unique. There is water resistance up to 200 metres. The watch has been designed in such a way that it has high durability. There are vibrant colour shades that are available in the series produced by G Shock. The temperature resistance is absolutely breath-taking in G shock. It can withstand lowest temperatures and even high temperatures. There is electro luminescent backlight that is available in the watch which you can enjoy at any time of the day. There is automatic calendar that is installed in the watch which will not only inform you about the time but also the date. And the calendar has been designed till 2099. The Casio G shock has an amazing battery life and it can save power for long time. It also has a stopwatch facility which helps you to fulfil challenges and also helps you while weigh training or any sort of such activities. For all the females out there, who actually like a touch of masculinity, G Shock will be the perfect gadget that will fulfil it.

The feminine colourful accessories which are available in G shock are really powerful and beautiful at the same time. The water resistance and the powerful nature of this smart watch makes it capable enough to stand odd and one of the best items in the world of watches.

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