Honor 8 India

One of the trendiest phones invented so far, Honor is surely one masterpiece. With some best features in it, honor is one of the best smartphones in the market. The affordability is pretty good and the design is also very well. Honor has many ideal buyers who are very satisfied with the device because of its excellent performance and smooth working. The water resistance factor is pretty less in the smartphone but the other features compensate it.

The camera quality is excellent and the front facing camera has its own perks. The honor phones with 32 GB are the best to start with which can be further extended to 64 GB. The storage facility of this smartphone is pretty good. When you consider both price and features together, honor 8 should be the first gadget that should come to your mind. It is one among the best pieces which are sold on all the online shopping platforms like amazon, flipkart etc. it supports micro SD cards and has a very good storage capacity. The design comes the next best feature that is about this phone. It is very shiny and shimmery and can be slippery at times. It has a bump free design with two cameras on the back. It supports AI Camera facility and produces real good and beautiful images. It reflects like a mirror. It is one of the best phones that are produced in the case of aluminium phones because of its perfect design. The compatibility of this phone is also excellent. It weighs too light and is easy to handle too. It comes in three colours sapphire blue, midnight black and white colour. Huawei has used its own android skin for honor. The fingerprint sensor works as a smart key and is located on the back of the phone.

The battery life is the best part about this phone. It stays up to 24 hours and is very effective if you use the phone’s own charger. The pictures are with the best resolution and the phone can be trusted with all the best features and qualities it has.

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