Types Of Educational Technology

With the advancement in technology, the education system is also getting hi-tech. Now gone are the days, when simple blackboards and chalk were used to teach the lessons in the classrooms. The time has changed, technology has improved and so have our teaching methods in schools and colleges. Now you can easily see the projectors in the classrooms which makes the lessons more practical, interesting and engaged. This is the time when both hardware and software are used to make the learning easy and involved. So in this article, we are going to discuss the educational technology types.

  1. Educational technology software:
    This technology refers to the various applications which are created to help the teachers in improving their teaching method and skills. There are many softwares available for the students also to help them in the learning process. There are many tech companies which create multiple apps for the teachers and students. With so many options, it is really difficult to choose the best and relevant. There are many softwares like tutorial softwares, assessment softwares, reference software, classroom aids, etc which you can try and know about the relevant and necessary one.

  1. Social media technology:

There is an agency called Statista, according to which the average time spent by the internet user on social media is two hours per day. According to the data given by GlobalWebIndex, this time spending on social media for young people is even more. Social media plays an important role in how people take decisions and react towards a situation. You can use Facebook to join and build the educational groups, LinkedIn to make professional relationships with the people, YouTube for teachers to upload the lessons and tutorials and also make presentations, Twitter to start debates on various educational topics, Whatsapp for discussions, etc. List is very long and you can choose the best one for you.

  1. Audio and visual technology:

One of the educational technology types is the audio and visual technology which makes the students more engaged and involved in the studies. Podcasts and webcasts are examples of audio technology. This is really helpful for the visually impiared people. Webcam innovations are the examples of the visual technology which help the students remotely to join the online classes to educate themselves. The main benefit of webcams sessions is that you can record the session and watch it later. Screencasting is also a classic example of the audio and visual technology which helps in sharing the screen and giving the real time instructions. 

So this is all about the educational technology types which are used in different ways for different purposes to revolutionize the education system of the country.